Mommy Moments: “This is a lot harder than I thought…”

by Danielle Zack on November 9, 2012

This Fall, marks an important milestone for my little Adelina. This fall, she learned how to ride her bike without training wheels. Such a huge moment in their tiny lives is bittersweet for any mom. At the same time we are welling up with pride, our heart feels a tinge of emptiness as we understand that, while they are not literally riding off into the world on their own, they are one small step closer to independence.

Adelina didn’t spend as much time as I thought she would, circling the cul-de-sac on her wobbly wheels. Although, it was during this rocky ride, as I was hunched over clutching the seat of her clown-sized bike, that she said something that really made me think. Something that took my focus away from her shaky riding and my strained back, and made me realize how mature this little 4 year old mind can be. Her observation pulled me back down to reality to see just how important this moment was for her. She looked up at me and said, “Mom, this is a lot harder than I thought.” Naturally, I gave her the typical ‘mommy talk’. I reassured her that she was doing a great job and that if she just kept at it a little longer, she would do it all by herself. Which is exactly what happened.

My perspective was coming from the other side of her two-wheeled battle. I knew how close she was to reaching her goal and I knew how important it was that she achieved it. If I wasn’t there to support and encourage her, she probably would’ve given up. I began to realize how many times I have given up when I was very close to achieving a goal. Especially with goals that seem small and insignificant. Goals that I brushed off until the tomorrow that never seems to come. Simply because I found out that it was, “a lot harder than I thought”.

In that moment while I was hunched over and Adelina was looking up at me, the only thing running through my mind was that I couldn’t let her give up. I knew that she needed to keep going so she could feel strong and successful. It was my job as her mom, her cheerleader, to push her to her potential. That is what moms do. That is what you do for your children.

But where is your cheerleader? Where is mine? When we grow up, we don’t have a cheerleading section that follows us around. We are the cheer-leading section! We cheer on so many others that it feels like there isn’t any cheering left for ourselves. But, just as we tell our kids that our love is big enough for each of them, our cheering is the same way. Don’t forget to cheer for yourself just as wholeheartedly as you do for your children. Even better, share your goals with your family and friends so that they can give you the support that you deserve. You might feel like you’re living in a solo show most of the time, but when you let others in, their support can surprise you!

Love comes full circle. As you can see below, when I open up and allow them to cheer me on, my lovelies give me just as much support as I give to them. Nothing feels better than these moments!

The smile on Adelina’s face as she took off on her two wheels all by herself, was priceless. She radiated with pride and confidence as she passed all the neighbor kids and shouted, “Look! I can ride on two wheels now!”

We live to see our children succeed. But we can’t forget that it is even more imperative that we live to see ourselves succeed. Your child’s success depends on your own success. Always be your biggest cheerleader! That way you’ll be ready to tackle anything that turns out to be a lot harder than you thought.


Sexy Momma Hugs and Kisses,


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TeresaNo Gravatar November 9, 2012 at 11:16 am

This is SO true! Sometimes one becomes so engrossed in achieving a goal and when they reach a wall they think that wall is seven miles high and give up. Sometimes all it takes is one person to see the big picture and point out that, yes the wall is VERY high, there is a ladder two feet away and it may take some work, but that wall CAN be conquered.

Excellent topic and very inspiring. And thank you for being my encouragement! :)

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